About Surfeo

Here you can learn all about Surfeo and who we are

About Surfeo

Surfeo: Your favorite internet comparison service

According to Statista, the number of internet users will increase to 5.3 billion by 2023, which is a growth from 3,9 billion users in 2018. We want you to have access to world-class internet, fiber, mobile broadband, and mobile subscriptions. Therefore we at Surfeo strive to make the best deals with the internet and mobile subscription providers, to give you the best to choose from.

We want you to have the opportunity to stream without your internet making the connection poor. We want you to get the best mobile subscription possible, so you can call your loved ones on the other side of the world.

Our dream and goal are for you to get the best internet that matches your needs. We make sure to match the right providers with your address, to ensure you can get the type of internet and speed you are looking for.

Surfeo was founded in 2022 and we are constantly working to become your favorite comparison service in our markets. Currently, we serve you with the best internet in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

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Our markets

Currently, we are in three markets: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Click on your country to visit our website.

Meet the team

  • Mark Andersen
    Mark Andersen
  • Anders Lange
    Anders Lange
    Head of PPC & Partner
  • Kasper Ottosen
    Kasper Ottosen
    Head of SEO & Product Development
  • Marie Munk
    Marie Munk
    Digital Marketing Manager


Who is Surfeo owned by? Se mere

Surfeo is owned by Tjekbredbånd ApS which is a company from Denmark.

Which countries are Surfeo in? Se mere

Surfeo is currently in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

How does Surfeo make money? Se mere

Surfeo earns money when we refer a customer to one of our business partners.